HOW does iwave work?

Lawrence Furman,

Magician, Medium,Healer,

Author: Greatly missed

(Transitioned 4th time in June 2016)

“In my teens, I was ill, in the hospital, and I died—3 times!  
While on the other side, I received information and experience that would enable me to live with an open heart on Earth. Yet when I came back, the life I returned to was too much of a challenge, and I was unable to implement what I’d been shown. I needed help.
That’s when I found Katie Darling. I was amazed to discover that the only place in earthly life I have found the exact same information and solutions, is through the extraordinary methodology that comes through Katie Darling and her work, now called iWAVEwork. 
I was so impressed with her heart-fullness, and​ devotion to uplifting humanity, we have remained close friends these last 37 years.” ​

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