The Infinite Wave:

A moving, mystical map of everything

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"Were all my practices and paths that no longer work wrong?"


No, not wrong, but perhaps a bit DRY, and we may have reached the end of thousands of years of The Dry Era in which everything —even awakening and ascension practices—was based on an unconscious model of reality that placed mind & consciousness OVER body, energy and emotions (and males over females, of course). Now it's time for an equal dance!


This is why it all feels so Apocalyptic right now: Things are breaking up, breaking down, as in spring, when new life breaks through the dry earth. A new Wet, Wavy Era is dawning, yet it is quite invisible if you are stuck in what I'm calling "dry consciousness" -- which means you are still mostly perceiving reality as "things" rather than experiencing the scientific and spiritual Truth that it's all (including yourself)  waves. All the way down. 


Things are shifting radically, the world is having a meltdown, and it's not all pretty. Just "witnessing" what's going on, and your reactions to it all, may not be working. If you haven't learned how to "melt yourself down deliberately," from particle-consciousness to wave-consciousness, you may feel as though YOU are melting down, and not in a good way. You may feel as though YOU are breaking in pieces, which can create anxiety, depression, illness, scarcity... what is your meltdown symptom?  To thrive and evolve through these birthing times,  you may need a more dynamic, wavy map of reality (The Infinite Wave) along with more efficient, "wet" practices (iWAVE) for your body, breath, mind, emotions and spirit.  The idea is to awaken all parts of you together (and not just your mind, or just your body, etc.).

When people are stuck in fear and paralyzed in shock from all the unwanted changes, they often ask: "What difference will it make if I do raise my consciousness? It's just basically escapist, and a defensive move. Shouldn’t I be out there trying to help change things?"

Well, certainly, if you "should" be out there doing some kind of activism, you probably already are. For many people that is the right path—it may even be what they were born for, in the same way that members of the French Resistance experienced a sense of purpose and deep love in sacrificing themselves to resist Nazism. Yet you may not find things that simple and clearcut now. Do you feel that what is really happening has more to do with consciousness?


"But what can consciousness do? "  


Absolutely everything, especially when it is reconciled with and remarried to its