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In 1995 I had a life-changing wave-awakening (no drugs involved),.. which I was taken into an experience of the oneness containing the whole universe, from my body to the quantum field. This Oneness turned out to be  "all waves, all the way down!" It was not an impersonal, neutral, detached, witnessing awareness, or an "emptiness" (as certain very male-and-mental spiritual teachings have told us), but a fullness:


How I experienced this Oneness was as a living, loving divine presence. I realized that it was not an objective "thing,"  but infinite waves, appearing as many waves of energy and many forms. The entire universe I had been experiencing as reality (a rather limiting and depressing reality, that is) was clearly just a narrow band of the infinite frequencies of waves emanating from this presence. Now I understand that humans are being initiated from the apparent reality of 3D, (+ Time), into higher dimensions of consciousness. If this doesn't make sense to you, thanks for being honest! This shift of perception that some of us are going through does not, and will never, make sense to the mind, which lives in duality. 

You may have heard, and you may even use, words like duality, or non-duality, or even Oneness, but what do they really mean? If there is a higher reality, that some people call "Oneness," am I there yet? How can it help me navigate this crazy fearful world? 

That is exactly the point of this website: There are practical ways to shift or "upgrade" your consciousness into a realization of oneness, so that you actually leave the fearful world behind, while still living here and participating very lovingly in the world experience. 

When you start to make the real-life, directly  shift into Oneness, the experience of surfing and Infinite Wave of Presence, all day, 24/7, always now, you can start to receive the downloads that have been waiting in the "cloud," so to speak, that guide you into higher life purpose! Become a planetary leader without having to fake it in a competitive field of those trying to be "thought leaders" by amassing "followers!" This may still happen, but the primary life purpose of any human being who is a pioneer of the new consciousness is to actually live in a real life experience of peace, love, light, joy and so on, rather than to rant about it :-) 


Going back to my 1995 awakening story (which I am telling in order to illustrate what is available NOW), this is what the Infinite Wave told me: 


"You are made of WAVES at all levels:

your body, your breath, your emotions, your mind or thoughts, and soul or spirit...

all are WAVES within an infinite quantum wave-field—or ocean—of waves!

And they are waves of LOVE...

                                                         ...but they are not flowing freely!"




I came back some of the way from this astonishing wavy immersion, and almost immediately started teaching. A school called Motherwave Institute started, (later called soulwave and now iwave Institute).  I found that a door had opened and that I was experiencing an almost non-stop download stream of realizations and very practical information; this flow has continued to download ever since–it's now been 25 years! 


I had already been working with people since the age of 20 or so, but I now understood that many parts of me (and the people I was working with) had become more like frozen particles of fear than flowing waves of love—and by the way, it's not our fault!  (It's better to blame the energy of the times than continue to blame ourselves).


My practice has stopped working! 


Have you found that what used to work doesn't work any more? 

Many people who have been on some kind of growth-path are scared and confused to find that what used to work for breakthrough into peace and power is no longer cutting it! Especially NOW, in this unprecedented time of... ahem... rapid... "change," (and as of today, March 2020, absurd tsunamis of collective terror!). 


It's such a bummer, and so confronting! Despite feelings of loyalty to certain practices or teachers or teachings, and the memory of how they really were the answer when we discovered them  (and I've heard this about meditation, talk therapy, support groups, stillness, listening to teachers, witnessing, yoga, healthy diet, and many other paths), You, the Seeker, find that reality seems to have expanded and accelerated.


Many formerly serene people are experiencing depression or anxiety or just "overwhelm."  Many methods and teachings, though excellent, are not complete, or genuinely integrated, and are thus not robust and flexible enough for these intense times.


What do I mean by "integrated?"  We need help that includes the body AND the mind AND the emotions AND the breath AND the energy body AND spirituality. You may have heard the phrase "Mind, Body, Spirit," and think that this is an example of integration, but from my perspective it's actually hugely symptomatic of how most new age, spiritual, and even psychological thinking is missing the most important piece. Which piece? The emotions!


Whatever happened to my emotions, in that Mind, Body Spirit meme? 


You may have been told that your emotions are just something that comes out of your thoughts, so you should think better. Or if you have delved into the body-centered work, you may think emotions are stuck in your physical body, and need some kind of intense or very long-term "release." There is trust in both these viewpoints, in my experience of working with people (and I'm one of those people!) for a very long time. And yet.... the missing piece, the emotional/feeling piece, is actually the real key to moving everything. 

Learning how to actually evolve your emotional self from fear and co. to a spontaneous bubbling up of joy, love, creativitythen allows your thinking to easily upgrade yourself, your body let's go and becomes its natural, self-healing self, and your spirit rises to through natural natural buoyancy. Think about it, isn’t it your "mood," your general level of happiness, or rather the threatening inner currents of fear, resentment, sadness–no what what you try to think!–that dictates your life experience? 


You may be feeling that a stronger "medicine" is needed for your angst (even if you are covering it up with every possible addiction, from busyness to worrying to social media to the usual suspects of drugs, sex, food, shopping, reacting angrily to the news, and so on). 

Do you need Stronger Medicine?

Talking of "stronger medicine," you may be asking: Should I take plant medicines or microdose? Or should I take psychiatric medications? Follow your guidance, and medical advice, but the good news is that you do not have to alter your chemistry through substances. The iWave Method IS the stronger medicine that creates undeniably powerful breakthroughs that gradually shift your brain chemistry towards its natural state. You will experience this from the first session, and with a series of sessions you can create a whole-life-transformation at a rate that you can digest and integrate, with no "come-down." You really can change your consciousness through natural means and maintain a higher level naturally, which leads to changes in your body, mind, life purpose, abundance (again, check out the Testimonials). 

My Strange Bio (more here)

I have had the same disappointing experience of spiritual and personal growth methods not working many times, which is why I believe Life set me up to discover and invent more fluid and "wave-literate" technologies. For example, I was a meditating monk for 10 years in my 20s, and... well... it worked at first, but after a certain point,  just "witnessing" that pain-body left me physically ill and emotionally unstable! At the age of 30, I had to go on an urgent search through dozens of body-centered and paths to cull what worked and discard what didn't, eventually creating a fertile field for the arrival of the integral approach that showed up many years later as iWave. 


The bottom line is that if you don't know how to break through your own pain-body into bliss, you may be experiencing anxiety, physical symptoms, and depression, or it may show up as problems with money, relationships, life purpose and health.  


You may need a new "inner App" to shift your life into a radical renewal, and I invite you to explore the many portals of  iWave, Thousands of students and clients over several decades have had life-changing breakthroughs through the seminars of iWave Institute (formerly motherwave and soulwave), and this work is now available in a more personal and concentrated format through private iWaveTherapy sessions with me. 


Whether or not we meet in person, it's my intention that just reading the continually updated content here such as articles and the blog, will open for you new doorways of relief, freedom and even abundance, right in the middle of these very intense times. I call this "getting your wave back," and it's a real experience, not a metaphor:  

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.