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how to live free of fear
in abundant flow, (in your body!)

"After 40+ years on "The Path" and working with 1000s of radically transforming humans, it's very clear to me HOW people get stuck, even when they're really working on themselves, and HOW they can be quickly freed and empowered by learning to surf their own inner waves"   
-- Katie Darling MSU 

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The iWave


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"Don't Worry, Be WAVY!"


The Infinite Wave


A New Mysticism


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Greg Andrews 

a transmission from the
quantum field


iWAVE Institute (formerly called Motherwave and Soulwave) began in 1995, as the result of a  "wavy" awakening experienced by Founder Katie Darling.  Check out her BIO for more on this. 


Since that time Katie has been transmitting the download of a large and far-reaching body of work ever since—a new and more fluid and integrated approach to self-healing, spiritual awakening and how to shift from fear to love in your human body.  More than five thousand students enthusiastically attended up to 7 levels of work on how to "get their wave back," and apply the new fluid awakening to real life stuff, such as accessing guidance, becoming a planetary leader, real love, bodily healing and creativity. 


Katie has currently shifted her energy to focus mostly on private coaching work, called iWaveTherapy, mentoring a small and dedicated group of clients. 

The iWAVE Method™ is the name of the "quickie" version of the work, for use on-the-fly, an original and different portal to embodied presence. This is how you can "Pray Without Ceasing," or be in a meditative connection to your Source much of the time, and get back there immediately when you fall back into one of your old trances. The iWave Method™  is taught indirectly to clients working with Katie in private iWaveTherapy sessions, and also sometimes in webinars (join our newsletter list (link above) to get the news!).  

The Infinite Wave is the name of the mystical philosophy or Theory of Everything, behind this work. You can read a NEW WAVE MYSTIC MANIFESTO about this on the articles page. 


iWave is a new paradigm, because the whole universe looks and feels different when perceived through the direct experience of its "wavy" nature. Many talk about "consciousness," or "The Witness," but this is only (so to speak) the "male" aspect of spiritual Reality (sometimes called Shiva or God). The female aspect is ENERGY (sometimes called Shakti, Kundalini, Holy Spirit or Goddess).


The Infinite Wave is the mystical edge where these two–consciousness and energy– meet, coming together in a dynamic dance within (and beyond) you. So The Infinite Wave is also a more integral name we use here to describe the quantum field, the ocean of consciousness, or the Divine, with a relevant emphasis on its wavy nature (at least where it intersects with us). And there is another reason for the name.


It is not easy to explain or even imagine the scope and depth of iWave–this living and evolving body of work, which has been refined and developed through the clinical setting of a large community of 1000s of students studying and practicing from 1995 - 2011, through 7 levels of initiation ("Waves 1 - 7"), each Wave lasting up to a week. The buzz from those who dove into this journey was that it was completely life-transforming, and unlike anything else

Katie withdrew from teaching trainings after 16 years of intense engagement and has been in a deep, mystical, almost hermit-like retreat, receiving the next level of the work for the upcoming era, and working only with private clients one-on-one. AND NOW (Spring of 2020) SHE'S BACK with this new Webinar (see link above) and a feeling of readiness to create a global doorway for The Infinite Wave, the Wave of I, aka iWave, to be downloaded to the many people worldwide who are now hungry for a radical shift at this level. 


If you feel a familiarity or call to explore this work,  you can apply to work one-on-one with Katie in private phone or Zoom iWaveTherapy sessions.

Please do fill out the contact form to receive newletters with the latest "waves" of news, blog, inspiration and downloads.


Stay in touch: Katie will be blogging and making YouTube videos in the coming months (already started but not yet published).  

And please surf around this website and read or watch what calls to you.


The Infinite Wave (or Motherwave or Soulwave as we also call It) is an infinite loving intelligence that wants to pull you forward on the fastest and easiest wave-path into your highest possible future purpose, destiny and fulfillment. All the methodology and teaching here is designed to open you up to the signals from that Infinite realm of oneness, sometimes called Spirit, God, etc. According to the paradigm here, everything inside and outside the time-space continuum consists of dynamic, fluid waves of energy and information, yet if you are not accessing them, you are still subject to what some call The Matrix :-). Which is becoming less fun!


The punchline is that you can actually access these waves within your mind, body, breath, emotions and sense of I (aka soul), and when you do, you will experience the beginning of a path of liberation from the limitations and suffering of material life and fear-based human consciousness. Without going anywhere (such as having to die to get there) you will find yourself birthing into an alternate (but more real!) dimension of Love, Freedom and incredible Peace and Power. This experience is sometimes called "ascension" or "awakening" or going into 4D or 5D. Yet although these ideas are very popular, there's not much practical info on how to make this transition Into The Mystic.


Just HOW can you make that shift that you can feel your deep Self trying to make, that emergence from your chrysalis of confusion and mushy meltdown in which you have probably lived much of your recent life? We believe we have some extraordinary, practical answers to this question, and we invite you to explore with us. 

Love, The iWAVE Institute Team. 

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Shakti Gawain (RIP)

Best-selling author of Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, etc.

"I love Katie Darling. 
She is very courageous, and follows her intuition to help people face their fears safely, and find their own courage. Her work comes from a deeply caring place."

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