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Dear Beloved Friends,

We welcome you with love and offer ourselves as fellow-humans committed to surfing a WAVE of Love and Oneness with YOU (and everyone else).


Just for fun we're calling our mission New WAVE (not New AGE) Mystics, and we are inviting you to ride a wave with us: Why?

A wave is already happening. We can either surf it or feel wiped out by it. 


There is a new mystic wave moving through our reality. See Katie's YouTube video The New Earth Is A Wavefor more on this. 


If we look at what's happening in our so-called "world" and experience as the effect of a big wave moving through, it can make more sense. Maybe it feels more like a tsunami than a friendly motherwave (which is one of the names of our work). Perhaps it's an intergalactic wave of transformation; perhaps it has been triggered by an astronomical event. It can feel as though it comes from beyond time and space, yet we feel it is cresting into the time-space continuum we occupy to shake things up and bring in a new frequency.


The shifts that are happening can certainly look destructive. And yet within all the falling apart and death and destruction of our material and—more importantly—our mental and emotional worlds, something is birthing. When a mother gives birth, the contractions can be intense, and scary. Yet something new is emerging. It is possible to "pick a lane," or create and experience a new timeline, and the practical HOW of that is what all our work is about. 


Right now, we find ourselves living in a time of real transition between an old fixed reality and a new wavy reality of love and light.


Think about that!  We are not just going from one "age" to another, but from a static, particle-like time period to a dynamic, wave-like era in which our relationship with time has even been called "post-time." (although we are quite sure that incarnate humans will continue experiencing time—it will just feel less limiting).  


Some people call this The Shift to a New Earth, or from 3D to 4D, or 5D, or to a higher "density;" or some call it an ascension-slash-awakening—while to others it looks like doom, disaster, apocalypse, and death.


Maybe you go back and forth between these viewpoints.


We would like to support you in "catching the wave" of the ascending love energy. If you don't know what that means, we promise that the practices we teach are very practical, and you will feel the shift in your body and emotions, as well as realize it in your mind and consciousness. You will feel your mind shifting out of fear into joy and love.


Wouldn't you like to shift from the "C.A.N." fear chemistry (Cortisol, Adrenaline and Norepinephrine) to the "D.O.S.E." happy-secure-love chemistry (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins)?

iWAVE is a practical way to "DOSE" yourself and reconnect to your Source, without "dosing" yourself (with whatever addiction, substance, distraction or "medicine" you may think you need to make that direct contact or to avoid the lonely pain of feeling like an orphan in the universe).

And btw, in iWAVE Institute, we know that nothing will work, as a integrated spiritual or mystical path, unless it reliably and palpably shifts your actual brain chemistry from anxiety, depression and fear (etc.) to love, joy, abundance, creativity, enthusiasm, radiant wellness... this list goes on, and these are all attributes of the direct experience of oneness.


If you're ready for a shift, contact us by email  or call iWAVE Institute 


and notice how your body, emotions and breathing respond as you read this further description of being a new wave mystic: 



Life on earth feels pretty intense right now? Why? Is it "them"? Is it us? Have we blown it? Or is it all perfectly unfolding? We suggest the following reframe to relieve any guilt, dread or hopelessness you may be experiencing: 


A new mystic wave has been moving through our planet (and apparently through the galaxy beyond), to wake us up, and raise the frequency of our shared consciousness. The time has come, whether for astronomical/astrological reasons, or just because. 


Obviously most people are experiencing this as a squeeze, a sign of doom, a chaotic shake-up, that is bringing to the surface all the old, stuck, frozen shadow parts of our personal and collective ego and pain-body.  Some people seem to have become meaner, and others, especially the sensitive ones, more anxious or disillusioned.  Nothing seems to make sense, because we are experiencing a shattering of our belief systems and minds which have been stuck in a kind of pendulum of duality for thousands of years (or lifetimes). It can be scary to be on earth right now, especially if you tune into reality through the media and social media (which we don't). 


What if you could learn to access this new mystic wave and become one of its clear channels of expression? 

Each one of us has free will to choose the timeline and viewpoint that we focus on, and this will design and compose our unfolding experience—whatever anyone else chooses. We are not leaving anyone behind: even if people continue to choose fearful patterns of thought and action, our choice to ride a wave of Love to a higher level creates a kind of slipstream in the ocean of consciousness behind us, that makes it much easier and quicker for others to make the shift when they are ready. Don't waste your time trying to convince anyone else to change!  Everyone is already doing that, and most of the yelling is just digging even spiritual people deeper into duality. Come back inside! The wave is moving through, and we can catch and surf that wave all the way back home—without leaving our bodies and going into spirit that way (unless it's your day to do that, in which case, send us the lottery numbers from the other side!).

This wave is not a thing. For many years in our work we have called this New Mystic Wave "The Motherwave," which describes its nature.  When you feel this presence, it acts like a kind of "mothership" in the realm of inner energy. The motherly presence moves through our invisible (but accessible) depths to take us home to a different dimension, or place, right here where we are, on mother earth. Some call this the New Earth, or Heaven On Earth, and it never went away, but we did. 


This wave is a conspiracy and a movement.

(And btw, you are already part of this):


Of course, by the humorous term: "Oneness Conspiracy," we mean the exact opposite of any paranoid, "us-and-them," divisive theories or thoughtforms, because a true conspiracy can only by definition include everyone.




Because,  amazingly, the latin roots of the word conspiracy are:

  • con:

  • meaning with, together,

  • and the verb spirare,

  • meaning TO BREATHE!!!...

  • as in in-SPIRation, re-SPIRation

(which means it just keeps happening, doesn't it now?).


So a conspiracy = breathing together. Take a moment to join us in the breathing  Oneness Conspiracy right now:


Let your attention fall back into the

already-flowing river of breath

that is animating you.

And let your attention stay there, lightly sensing the CONTINUOUSNESS of the wave or river of your breath... while you contemplate this: 


  • There is only one breath.

  • Ever.

  • It is a continuous, multidimensional, multi-expressive living wave, and it doesn't end in death or begin at birth.

  • You don't breathe thousands of breaths in a day or life, you are synced to the One Infinite, Continuous (or eternal ) Wave of Breath.

  • Humans, animals, plants and even rocks are breathing, pulsing in an invisible wave that we call Life. 

  • This one breath, aka one wave, includes and IS everyone and every creature—even the atoms, electrons, quarks and subatomic particles;

  • and the galaxies moving through their cycles;

  • and the multiple dimensions of reality, inside and outside time and space, folding in and out of each other in a continuous oceanic flow.

Even if you don't know mentally what all this means,  you kind of DO.  Again, reconnect with that continuous flow of breath, waving through you. Don't try and make it happen, or "breathe." Just notice being breathed, and notice that it is a continuous wave, as long as your mind and tensions don't inhibit and block it.


(And it always breaks through the blocks anyway. You have survived every day of your life so far! But it's so much more blissful to open up in radically receptivity to that wave of breath).


Believing you have to control your breathing, or even "watch it" like an object just reinforces the illusion that you are creating your own life, or separate from it, which is very depressing. We are inviting you to merge into this continuous flow of breath like it's your home-wave. Surrender BACK into the wave of breath that is breathing you.  Don't bookmark this for later, or put it into your spiritual shopping bag... take a moment in this new now to initiate yourself back into the always-new Mystic Wave. 


Now you are experiencing life as a new wave mystic!


The more you lean back into this unending stream of breath and aliveness, and don't try to control it, the more you can feel oneness with the Breather, which is... what...? ... who?...


What breathes us has no name, other than all the names we throw at It, but contacting that wave-breather more directly and intimately makes us feel better. Much, much better. Because it's our home, and we are homesick. And we don't have to die to feel communion with that home. 


What about Emptiness and Stillness and all that?


You may have conceived or been told that your Source is a vast emptiness, stillness, or a void, sometimes called the quantum or zero point field (sounds like nothing to me!). The problem with these sterile depictions of the creator field is that they  can increase your feelings of frozenness, aloneness and separation. It really helps to realize that this alleged "nothingness" from which we have sprung, and which we are always trying to re-access in everything we do, is more like a dynamic, loving, nurturing ocean than a vacuum.


The radical, genius, real (not new age) physicist, David Bohm, protégé of Einstein, said these 3 amazing things about our Source, or the Zero Point Field:

  1. It is actually more accurately described as a FULLNESS—known in science as a "plenum"—than a VOID.

  2. It's not so much like dry, static empty space as like an ocean, in which waves appear spontaneously, and manifest as thoughts and things. 

  3. His best description of "the universe"  is: undivided wholeness in flowing motion.


This is how we experience our Source, through practicing the iWAVE protocols: undivided wholeness in flowing motion.

"New Wave Mystics"  is a way of describing the collective of humans realizing our wave-like nature. We are not a "club" or a "tribe" (which would mean there are insiders and outsiders), but rather we are co-enjoying and participating in a literal "inner movement"  towards a shared mystical experience. By learning the inner doorways to the experience of flowing in waves, we experience all those good brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, creative, loving and peaceful. If you have been lonely or afraid, this experience may change your life, as many have testified, both through inner experience and through surrounding you with the vibrational field that magnetizes love in all forms. And talking of attraction...

What about creating our reality?

Yes, this work is all about creating our reality, or perhaps choosing the timeline in which the love and light-based scenarios are already flowing in waves. iWAVE is much easier than feeling responsible for using our mind to organize the cosmos to pay our rent! Many people are frantically trying to go into inner space or visualize themselves into a state where they can access this "quantum" level of things in order to influence it, or "manifest" realities. If you have tried this you will know it is only mildly successful, and you may feel ashamed about your lack of success at the sport of law of attraction or at other approaches—even the approach of meditation, witnessing, or "letting go."


(Wha-a-t The...? Check out Katie's vintage talk just published on YouTube called From Witness To Wetness for more on why meditation doesn't always work and why witnessing can turn you into a pillar of salt :-). 


This is where the New Wave Mystics' collective experience can be really helpful. It is much easier to make "contact" with those deeper, creative and powerful levels when you realize that Reality is like an ocean that you are already swimming in, your mother—the motherwave!—and that the skill you need—more than trying to use your powerful will to make this infinite Will do your bidding—is to relax into and surf its waves, which are designed to organically carry you into abundance, regeneration, joy, and all those good things that it knows you want and need. 

Organic Mysticism! O.M.


About Oneness


Everyone talks about oneness, but as new wave mystics, we are talking about a way of life in which we take the theory that "it's all one" literally, and live as though it's true. Because... 

Whatever you call It (God, Beingness, Quantum etc.), there is only one of it!


Contemplate that!


There is only one Power, and there is no "second" power that can go against it (unless you believe there is, and therefore feel trapped in the collective dream of defending against the enemy, aka: fear). We invite you to exit the so-called "Matrix" of your own and the collective mind and history, and re-enter the oceanic field of Source where all is One, and everything works better. This is our mysticism, to always return to this experience of the WAVE, in every new now, renewing ourselves every day, every hour, every breath. New. Wave. Mystics.  


We also call this oceanic field The Infinite Wave—a name to describe our Unnameable Source, (which has hundreds of names, like God, Goddess, Beingness, quantum field etc.). Yet thinking of Source as The Infinite Wave (as well as by any other name) helps us access it in this moment by giving us a hint about where it can be found within our consciousness and bodily experience. 


If this speaks to you, and you feel you are, or would like to experience being, a new wave mystic, we invite you to look around our website and connect with us

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