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with Founder Katie Darling MSU

iWaveTherapy Sessions

"Much faster than therapy,
much slower than your mind!"

Get unstuck and get your "wave" back: 
iWaveTherapy© private Zoom or phone sessions
with Katie Darling, MSU*

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romantic enlightenment 

ONE COUPLE'S iWaveTherapy


WITH Katie Darling     $390/session hour

3 INTRO sessions Required (You/Them/U2)


Visit the Romantic Enlightenment page for more information.

ONE iWaveTherapy


WITH Katie Darling     $365/session hour

(Then we work with deeply discounted series—

see below)


iWaveTherapy Fast Dive Series:

10 sessions with Katie Darling  

2900 (save $750)

$290/session hour

(These are 10 consecutive sessions in a 10-week dedicated period of time)



Flexi Dive Series:

10 sessions with Katie Darling  3250 (save $350)

(This series allows more flexibility—

you can skip/defer of the sessions in the 10-week period into Week 11)


iWaveTherapy: Life Purpose Journey:

Committed series of 20, 30 or more sessions with Katie Darling, deeply discounted according to to your commitment.

(discuss terms when applying)


iWaveTherapy: 3 Sessions/Brief Series.

(for returning clients): $885 (save 165)


Question: How do sessions work?


We will start with an introductory session, in which I will ask you the gazillion dollar question:

"What you want to get out of the session?" 

Think big! Ask for what you want! Within a little less than an hour, you will be either fully feeling it, or know that you are clearly on a path that will lead you there! 

Question: How?

Through iWaveTherapy, a vast methodology that I've developed through working successfully with thousands of people, for 40 years!  Through real life beta-testing of many potent tools for liberating the body, breath, emotions and mind, I've synthesized ONLY WHAT REALLY WORKS . I've been teaching this potent work in private mentoring with clients since the 1980s, and in seminars of iWave Institute since 1995.

Below you can read more than you may even need to know  (yet) about  iWaveTherapy ...

(since it has to be experienced to be believed).


If you need help NOW, contact me

by email  or phone (landline) to talk about what you need and/or book an intro session. 



1) The iWAVE Method, customized and applied to you and your needs via iWaveTherapy.

2) You 

3) Me

1) Here are some of the methodologies of The iWave Method™ that may be used in your sessions, followed by the process to qualify for working with me. Please read the whole thing if you are seriously looking for my help.



    • ​An original form of pleasurable, fluid, non-forced breathwork, that goes beyond "work" or even "play" to the sublime experience of being breathed by a higher source.  

    • Wave-breathing avoids the drama and catharsis you may have experienced in certain very "male" or overly yang breathwork practices. You may have found these experiences impressive, but you didn't feel like going back!). Yet it retains the incredible power of your breath to break through any inner block, if you have the right support and an experienced practitioner... (like me for example!... see "ME" below). 


    • Your body is made of waves of energy, yet right now it may be feeling very solid or even problematic.  It's all about our nervous systems (not just the vagus nerve!), our brain chemistry and our old traumas that have taken residence in what we think of as our "body."

    • Our emotional issues hide in our tissues, and without knowing how to melt ourselves down, in a good way, from DRY to WET (which you will learn in this work), we become tense, numb, in pain or even sick.  Or even dead-in-life!  Body-waving activates an experience of pleasurable and relaxing waves moving through your body, melting it from a solid block of particles into a flowing river of waves.

    • You will be amazed at the potent force of these organic, intelligent waves of energy, which are in fact your very Self! They are waves of "I" (i-Wave, get it?). Your brainwaves and brain chemistry are self-soothed and harmonized organically!

    • Who needs devices, electrical stimuli, and all the other billion-dollar outer technologies (including meditation "Apps") that claim to center and reset your brain? You were created with an Inner App that can renew your body and self at all levels—and The iWAVE Method™ teaches you how to activate it.  

    • With body-waving (and the other iWAVE methods) your anxious mind calms down almost immediately, like a baby that has found its mother (and indeed, this work is also called "Motherwave"). After you have practiced it for a while in sessions it will become like a new software for your body and mind. 


    • ​This is your mind, thoughts and brain– on waves! Wouldn't you like your mind to work for you instead of against you?  

    • Have you ever wondered why your positive thoughts and affirmations don't seem to work? Or maybe they did at first but now they have stopped working, and things may have even gotten worse! This can be very discouraging and disappointing. Why is this? Don't quantum physics and metaphysics tell us that beliefs are causal, that they can create or at least influence outcomes?

    • Yes, and no. What do you really believe, deep down? And are there some beliefs that are so true and high-level that they have no opposite? Yes!  There are non-dual or oneness principles that you will install in your mind so that instead of a constant inner argument, your thinking becomes an experience of being guided by higher intelligence.

    • We will explore your core beliefs—about yourself and about Life Itself—that are often quite scary and nasty.  Anything goes, and we will bring all that stuff up and out in your sessions.

    • Belief-waving, a brilliant technique which you will learn to do yourself at any time, uncovers the fearful thoughts that your unconscious self really believes (which are the ones that are actually manifesting, such as a belief in scarcity, or other problems).

    • You can then install and code your very cells with a new, more powerful and evolved thoughtform, such as "I deserve and receive abundance," and dissolve and remove the old fear beliefs in a deep belief surgery that penetrates your bones, cells, brain chemistry and nervous system. You awaken your true soul-body, which it radiates out as a beautiful life.



    • This section is about realized spirituality, and you may find it very relieving as in "I'm NOT crazy!," OR very triggering, as in "Who does she think she is to opine about this stuff! She doesn't even have a Sanskrit name!."

    • Just for clarification to both of you, I actually am qualified to teach on this stuff. As you can find out in my BIO, I'm into this work because I had a full (but not sustained) spiritual awakening at the age of 18. I then became a full-vows, meditating monk for more than a decade, practicing meditation for a minimum of 2 hours a day, and spending the rest of my life in service ad satsang (spiritual teaching). For many of these years, in my 20s, I was the teacher (under an Eastern guru), and was sent by him to travel through Spain, France and South America, helping teach meditation. 

    • So, as I said, I know whereof I'm speaking when I may seem to be ranting about ineffective spiritual methods. 

    • So: back to the "I" part of The iWAVE Method:

    •  Once you have become more "wavy" and happy with the opening up of your emotional, physical and breath-bodies, your conscious or unconscious anxiety will start to lighten up, and you will (usually slowly but sometimes quite dramatically) begin a birthing into an embodied spiritual awakening. This means that your sense of "I" will shift radically.

    • And we will also work "spiritually" on your sense of self, growing up the little "I" until it aligns with the higher "I" that is your soul or true Self. 

    • But, if you've been on a spiritual or  non-dual path with teachers and teachings, you have heard all this before. You may have attempted to break out of your painful ego by inquiry, turning thoughts around (basic CBT also covered in this work under "belief-waving"), asking: "Who Am I?" over and over again, or by meditating for years, witnessing your thoughts, or sitting with a straight back for hours, days, months—or more!—or enjoying the presence of a Teacher who appears to have broken through .

    • (I DID ALL THIS and it didn't really work—as described in my strange BIO). 

    • You thought you had "broken through" spiritually, but... really? How's that working for you now?

    • Somehow that pesky sense of your little, separate "i" still came back, and now you find yourself once again I-dentified with your past pain, your future fears, your relationship obsessions, your loneliness, aka your pain-body (excellent word!). You believe that your real identity is your pure soul, Self or spirit, but if you are transparently honest with yourself, you can't find find them most of the time!

    • As you learn The iWave Method™, and the humorous, but very effective, practice of doing an inner striptease on your sense of  "I", you will understand and laughingly forgive yourself for any perceived spiritual "failure."



    • I'm going to say a bit more about this spiritual stuff, because I've met  and worked with hundreds of spiritual practitioners who, after a lifetime (or more) of approved (especially Eastern) spiritual practices—such as meditation!!—have become disappointed, disillusioned or ashamed of the fact that "it didn't work!"

    • Or they have become cynical and think "this is all there is." Wrestling with my monkey mind while sitting with my tense and painful body is the best I can hope for, so I will just "hunker down" and "accept it." 

    • NO! Don't accept THAT!  The miracle of awakening in your body is still available.

    • The problem I found, for myself, which was confirmed by so many of my students, was that we were living in a dry, static, tortured, unwavy  body and mind, striving perhaps for "stillness."

    • Such "still-i-ness!" Consciousness is dynamic and wavy, when we are in a body.-

    • "Stillness," which I would, perhaps accurately, call dynamic stillness, is an extraordinary realization of absolute reality that can result from an integrated practice of melting down the false self, but it can't be imposed from the outside by sitting "still." That is usually something more like a dissociated trance, enjoyed by only a few people. Yet Stillness has become almost a synonym for enlightenment in the books and teachings that have come to seem like authorities (written mostly by men, white, highly-educated, enneagram "5s," plus a few educated, celibate Asians).

    • Dissociation, like any other form of hypnosis,  only works until you crash back into your pain-body.

    • It is very difficult to make this shift of identity from ego to soul without realizing that you are essentially fluid and wavy, not just at the physical and energetic levels, but all the way down, into consciousness.

    • Many have found that as they are initiated into the iWave experience, they easily make the quantum shift into Oneness, known directly as energy waves in the felt sense of the body as well as  in what we call the higher mind, or awareness.

    • This doesn't depend on having a flexible, youthful body; it's all at the level of waves and energy and works at all ages (I'm in my 8th decade). 

  • Emotional Alchemy.™

    • This is a method in which you alchemically transmute your stuck emotions back into the energy of joy, love and creativity. ​

    • Have you ever felt confused about how to deal with your intense, powerful, overwhelming emotions, (or wondered where they are because you feel numb)?

    • You probably know by now that you shouldn’t be SUPPRESSING your feelings, but you may not know that the ultimate resolution isn’t about EXPRESSING them, either. If you have gotten stuck at this level you are probably having relationship issues! 

    • Has talking about them for years helped?

    • Has beating a pillow helped?

    • Has stuffing your feelings worked?

    • Welcome to iWAVE's miraculous "third option" that goes beyond expression or suppression, using mind, breath, body, and... oh yes!... those pesky emotions that you will now quickly FEEL and HEAL transmute into joy and power faster than you can imagine! 

    • How? No drama, and also no avoidance! Welcome to the power of the Infinite Wave! Amazingly, even the most scary and obstinate feelings, when met through the wave, instead of through the mind or even through what you thought was your body,  miraculously self-liberate and transform into positive, ecstatic energy.

    • Clients sometimes think something has gone wrong, because they feel so good, so quickly, right where they have held ancient anger, sadness and fear. These are just blocked energy, trapped behind a thought (we work on beliefs too, of course), and when the energy is unblocked, it transforms into joy, power, aliveness, compassion, excitement and love. These are felt directly and can be used as fuel for a conscious coding of your operating system of beliefs. And a new life.


    • This is a creative form of hypnotherapy, which iWaveTherapy utilizes lightly and easily  without all the bells and whistles of "going into trance."

    • In fact, we are working on trance-ending as well as transcending our stuck self. We are all stuck in various layers of trance—the past, the future, our positionalities about meaningless illusions... Are you ready to trance-END, or be DEhypnotized?

    • Radical Hypnogression is a technique that integrates with all the other iWave techniques, to uncover traumas all the way back to birth and previous lives. Yet it's fun and easy.



    • Many clients and students have mentioned to me that they used to feel that their pain, confusion, fear and so on was too much for people they had gone to for help. Or too hard to figure out.

    • You will find that I'm okay with your deep sh*t (because I'm okay with my own). And with more than 40 years of successful experience, I'm organically confident in the ability of my work to help almost anyone.

    •  Even those who think they are The Impossible Case. (Is that you?)


    • I had my first spiritual awakening at 18, and became a monk at 19, for 12 years, sent by my then-spiritual teacher to initiate people into meditation on many continents. Since age 30 I have been working with people on integrated psychological, spiritual, emotional and body-centered transformation, through my direct connection with "higher guidance" (sometimes known as spirit guides)—both yours and mine. I tune in before and during your session, and between sessions,  to the Higher Consciousness that knows the shortest and most effective path to liberate you.

    • I used to channel spirit guides for clients, but came to realize (through guidance) that I am most helpful to people when I combine my guidance with my real life-tested experience as Katie. 

    • My entire life purpose has been to serve as an instrument of support, relief and guidance to others, so that all of us souls-lost-in-ego can get free and get our power back, in the most efficient, experientially enjoyable way.

    • This is not just talk therapy, although we will talk very deeply. And I'm not "trying out" some cookie-cutter technique on you; As I mentioned, I'm not a newbie :-). Your sessions are customized by higher intelligence and I will apply the methods needed from a vast and creative tool-kit of therapeutic and wisdom resources.

    • It's always miraculous for me to observe just how the higher consciousness that runs the sessions takes you through just the right "portal" or "doorway" for your highest, possible future, right now.

    • I'm not  quite sure how it works, but it does! (see Testimonials).



    • My work is an important part of my spiritual path, and I approach you sincerely with unconditional love and acceptance. Over the course of series of sessions, a potent connection of safety and possibility is created between us. I feel deeply connected to many clients all over the world whom I have never met in person, and am still connected with clients and students going back many decades. 


  • iWaveTherapy is not like a massage (although many clients have told me the work feels better than that, at least afterwards!). It's a deep process! After an intro session, I work only with clients/students who commit for an extended period of the work, through discounted series of (minimum 10) sessions. Deep and lasting change happens over time.

  • SO...  let's start with one session,  after which you can choose whether to commit to a discounted series of 10 or 20 sessions (see here for more info).  (Unless you're sure you are ready for a long-term commitment as is sometimes the case with friends and relatives of current clients)


When you experience the depth of iWaveTherapy, you will understand why I only work with committed, qualified clients who are ready to dedicate time, energy and resources to co-create a powerful transformation. Tune in to your guidance. Remember you're investing in your own self and life.


You can also email me

 or phone iWave Institute to schedule a 10-minute Zoom consult to see how we match up. 


Or sign up now to schedule your Intro Session or series (if we have had a qualifying interview and I have space in my practive) by clicking one of the links on the upper right of this page (top if you're on a mobile). The link will take you to a non-liability/agreement page, then to the store, where you can select your investment in yourself.

If I tell you that I have a full practice and that you can join a waiting list, and that you would like to be on that waiting list, you will need to commit to the first session with a deposit of $365, so that I know that you are committed, and Ican seriously work out the first available spot for you. 


Look forward to meeting you!



Release a lifetime of  anxiety with iWaveTherapy Sessions


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