The Infinite Wave

A Mystical Moving Map of Everything

The Infinite Wave© is the theory behind iWave's fluid practices, giving you a new,  integrated, non-dual yet dynamic GPS reading on consciousness, matter, and everything in between.


You may find new clarity on the stuff that has been confusing you forever like:

  • "Should I surrender OR should I go for power and mastery?" 

  • "Why has Law of Attraction, (or witnessing my thoughts, or yoga, or...  fill in your version of what used to work) stopped working?" (if they ever did work).

  • "Where are the freedom, enlightenment, abundance, joy, love and creativity I was promised?"

  • "Why hasn't meditation worked for me when it has for everyone else?" (hint: No, it hasn't!)

  • Were all these practices wrong?...


...No, not wrong, but perhaps a bit DRY, and we may have reached the end of thousands of years of The Dry Era in which everything —even awakening and ascension practices—was based on an unconscious model of reality that placed mind & consciousness OVER body, energy and emotions (and males over females, of course). Now it's time for an equal dance!


This is why it all feels so Apocalyptic right now: Things are breaking up, breaking down, as in spring, when new life breaks through the dry earth. A new Wet, Wavy Era is dawning, yet it is quite invisible if you are stuck in what I'm calling "dry consciousness" -- which means you are still perceiving reality as "things" rather than experiencing the scientific and spiritual Truth that it's all (including yourself)  waves. All the way down. is .


Things are shifting radically, the world is having a meltdown, and it's not all pretty. If you haven't learned how to "melt yourself down deliberately," from particle consciousness to wave consciousness, you may feel as though YOU are melting down, and not in a good way. You may feel as though YOU are breaking which can create anxiety, depression, illness, scarcity... what is your meltdown symptom?  To thrive and evolve through these birthing times,  you may need a more dynamic, wavy map of reality (The Infinite Wave) along with more efficient, "wet" practices (iWAVE) for your body, breath, mind, emotions and spirit.  The idea is to awaken all parts of you together (and not just your mind, or just your body, etc.).  

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