What is iWave?

(and Why should I care?)

Is it worth your valuable click-time to explore this work, and what it might do for you? Yes!


There is a doorway here to a new wave of information and energy that can shift your life in subtle and powerful ways. It is all based on the art and science of waves, and awakening your direct awareness of the waves that you, and everything else, are made of. 


It is definitely worth you time and attention to explore iWave if you are looking for transformation, especially if the methods that used to work for you are no longer working so well.  iWave is not a gimmick, but an educational and life-changing system that has worked with astonishing success for thousands of people for more than 20 years (see Testimonials). If you haven't heard of it, welcome! There has been no social media push and I (Katie Darling the Founder and "flow-through person" for the work) have been in a deep, inner phase for the last few years, working mostly one-on-one with a small group of students who are having extraordinary breakthroughs. As you can tell from my BIO, I'm not a newbie: I've been working full-time with people in transformation since I was 18, and I'm in my 60s! 

What may seem annoying, but is actually the good news, is that you can't grab the iWave meme in one minute. Hold that mouse!  If you're looking for real transformation and breakthrough, this  iWavework, works!  Why?  How? Because it is different from anything you have tried or even heard of (although some parts of it may seem familiar). The difference here––at least one of the differences––is that it is multidimensional. Huh? 



You are multidimensional -- in other words, "you are not" (as teachers are fond of telling you) "your body, your mind, your emotions, your breath, your energy field." They probably go on to say "You are spirit, (or soul, or consciousness)." Seriously? How's that working for you, walking around trying to "witness" your pain? And on the other side of things, how's it working for you to try to fix just your body, or just your thoughts and feelings––or just your relationships or finances, for that matter?  


Are "you" not all of the above? Isn’t it more helpful and realistic to say that you, right now (this is for people currently in bodies) are a complex creature made up of all these dimensions and frequencies of your experienced reality? Methods that only address one, or even two or three aspects of your multidimensional self leave the other parts hung out to dry, and whatever doesn't work will eventually migrate into those parts to hide out and sabotage you. If you're like me, you have realized this, and have tried to put together the best of the best ideas and techniques, trying to cobble together a pathway to inner balance or wholeness. And this is definitely better than a path where you only meditate, or only try to change your thoughts. 


But I found long ago that cobbling methods together didn't work. Yes, it kept me in the general territory of sanity, but what I wanted was a real breakthrough. The iWAVE Method specifically addresses your multidimensional self through five different doorways. Any one of these practices creates dramatic change. You will learn to practice them all simultaneously -- in other words, you will learn a practice that And it's all explained through a multidimensional map  or theory, called The Infinite Wave.  Understanding the new dynamic science of how everything really works can completely clear the clouds from your mind and world: the short version: scientifically AND spiritually, the Truth is that it's all made of waves. There are no things, and there isn’t even really a you! You are all waves.


And by directly realizing your own waviness through your body  AND breath AND emotional chemistry AND mind/beliefs AND spirit/pure consciousness AS ONE THING (not a thing, of course, but a WAVE, as you probably guessed).


It emerged from two directions, which converged into one stream:


1) one was my own life experience. For many years, needing a real breakthrough for myself and my clients, I explored and got certified in pretty much any and all body-mind-spirit practices (there's a list here). Most of them didn't work longterm, at least after the initial glamor, despite the group vibe or the placebo effect. But a few principles and methods actually passed the transformation-over-time test. Yet these methods were only "partially effective" even when those involved considered them "the ultimate." For example, they changed your beliefs, but ignored your emotions, believing that "it's all beliefs." Or vice versa. Or they focused on the body, but didn't address the conscious habits that made it need healing in the first place. Or they were hyperspiritual -- you would learn to "witness" or "detach" from everything, only to have your old reality crash down around you after the retreat. 


I worked at "cobbling together" a handful of the practices that really worked to cover all my bases -- like: my mind, body, emotions, breathing, energy-self, and spirit or soul. Yet I felt like a lover that was sneaking around between methodologies, and it was confusing.


Then one day in 1995,  


You want to feel better. You want more love, joy, abundance, clarity, purpose or presence. You want to wake up enlightened, like Eckhart Tolle. Or you think you should want those things but what you actually want is comfort, security, a feeling of being loved or important, and not to have to feel that roiling anxiety about whether you are going to have enough people loving or liking you, enough money, enough importance, enough physical safety and comfort, and enough deep emotional security. This anxiety may be something that you've always felt, deep down, but it has gotten much worse since, say, 2016.


This work can help you with all that, even if you have given up in deep disappointment and disillusionment, and feel that your life and world, personal and collective, are doomed. Even if you feel you have failed at everything you have tried to improve your life or the world, or to get yourself out of a stuck place, whether it's meditation, yoga or Law of Attraction. (Or all three. In fact, this work is especially designed for you triple-failures!)


So... what is here called "iWAVE," and also "The Infinite Wave," is a living, active, evolving field of intelligent energy. It first presented itself to me as "the motherwave," through a dramatic awakening experience in 1995, after one of many "dark nights" my soul has enjoyed this lifetime.  A teaching came through me as a more-or-less 20-year continual download of realizations and practices which I taught through my Institute, as a kind of in-the-body mystery school in 7 levels, to thousands of people, until 2015. Much of what came through was astonishingly original, and students from those years tell me every day that their life was irrevocably changed and that they have noticed that most of the self-help teaching that is out there now approximates some of what was taught in the very early days of motherwave (in the last Millennium). And the work has evolved radically since then. Along the way the name evolved to soulwave and now to iWave, or "The Infinite Wave," which contains all the previous downloads in a kind of upgraded and simplified form (attention span not being what it was!). iWavework really works, to get you moving on the joyful ascent of your life-path. 


(BTW, What would be the point of false modesty? Or trying to make you think I'm humble? I'm not out there shouting on social media, so since you've landed here I'm going to tell you about my work and the effect it has had on many people, including my current students. iWave doesn't come from my ego –– in fact, it has knocked the cr*p out of it, and will do the same for you... in a good way;-)  )


Currently I'm initiating students through 1-on-1 sessions, mostly by phone. I'm also working on webinars and writing.