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Katie and Greg Clean 04222021_-040.jpg

Katie Darling MSU*


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Katie Darling MSU* is the Founder and of an acclaimed school, iWave Institute (formerly Motherwave Institute) which has initiated thousands of students in 7 levels of trainings based on The iWAVE Method,™ a series of original practices for embodied, integrated spiritual transformation. This work has spontaneously "downloaded" through her since an opening experience in 1995 that took her into a palpable, multidimensional journey through a universe of intelligent, loving waves, which she realized was, in fact, Reality.  Her perspective on reality has never been the same, as this "Infinite Wave" has been guiding her in completing her own transition into full "wave-consciousness," as well as helping others do the same. She is a humorous and engaging teacher, ranging in her lectures and mentoring from new science to somatic psychology to neuroplasticity, metaphysics and non-dual mysticism; and the real meaning of Love.


In addition to 20 years of teaching through her own Institute, Katie has been a keynote speaker and presenter in many conferences, such as the Science and Spirit Conferences in Albuquerque, the Non-Dual Awareness in Psychotherapy Conference in California, Mensa, and Jack Canfield's Transformational Leadership Council (many locations)..


Her parents were British atheist physicists involved in the UK branch of the Manhattan Project, and later founders of the anti-nuclear movement. A spontaneous spiritual awakening at 18 took her into more than a decade as a monk, teaching meditation in Spain, South America and eventually North America where she has lived since 1976. That hyper-spiritual decade ended with a crash as she realized she had been transcending and ascending without including and feeling her body and emotions, and thus the iWAVE method she teaches truly integrates all parts of the self into a fluid experience of wavy unity.

Please contact iWAVE Institute by email  or phone about Katie's availability for keynotes, workshops, presentations and talks. 

My Story

BIRTH etc.
I was deliberately conceived and born in England in the 1950s to two very atheist physicists. My parents were drafted in World War II to work on the bomb, in the British version of the Manhattan project, intended to stop Hitler. Horrified by the Hiroshima apocalypse, they were pioneers in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ("CND"), which met in our living room as I was growing up. Our walls were decorated with protest posters showing mushroom clouds, creating a potent atmosphere for nuclear meltdown of all kinds. Not a fun family feeling.

After our "nuclear family" melted down in my teens, with divorce etc., I found myself aged 17 in an unexpected and inconvenient spiritual awakening (not caused by drugs) while walking barefoot down a road in Holland. At the time I was supposed to be studying psychology at Sussex University. Surprised to meet what seemed to be a divine presence, and despite my deeply skeptical conditioning, I dedicated my life to finding out more...

20s, From 18-30, while most of my friends were tuning in and dropping out, I followed an Eastern spiritual teacher as a full-vows monk. He sent me around the world spreading his message. Fluent in French and Spanish, I spent years in Spain, France and all over South America, promoting and teaching meditation, ending up in the States. I was surprised again to find myself marrying a fellow-monk and becoming an American!

30s: Emerging from an increasingly dysfunctional involvement with my teacher, I found that I was not in the great inner shape that one might expect after 12 years of meditation, service and spiritual discipline. In fact, I was a mess, emotionally and physically! Realizing the imbalance of going "up, up, infinitely up," (as my then-teacher once put it), I began a process of coming down into my body and emotions and including them in my spiritual path. My ranting about "descension rather than ascension" was considered very radical back then (1984).

After a very short time exploring this more integral approach, (and before even thinking of putting out a shingle), I found myself with a waiting list of people wanting my help. To this day I'm not sure how this happened. Thus began my career as a consultant and teacher.  My early clients were often followers of my teacher and other teachers and spiritual groups, who wanted help in recovering their lost parts without having to throw out the baby (the spiritual experience) with the bathwater (the cult!). Then other people (and couples) with every other imaginable issue showed up, and have shown up consistently ever since. I was on a roll with a private practice which has now lasted nearly 4 decades!

In the early years of 30-something, as well as working intuitively, ,you spontaneous career as an MSU therapist (Making Stuff Up!) was enhanced as I trained in multiple spiritual, psychological, body-centered, mental and emotional practices. Here are some of what I have studied: (skip to next paragraph if you like): Alexander Technique; rebirthing and every other kind of breathwork (I now practice my own synthesis: Wave-breathing™); hypnotherapy, acupuncture, various systems of core belief change, Reichian work, NLP, Avatar (which I taught for years); yoga (40 years); Kriya Yoga (50 years); channeling of spirit guides (which I teach); various systems of Qi Gong; especially the more magical Nei Gong,  dynamic cranio-sacral work; Continuum; Reiki; various systems of trauma release;  (there is more)... 


Bursting forth aftere over a decade as a monk, with no input to my consciousness other than through direct meditation (because of those reununciate vows!), I became, and am still, an avid reader (often a book a day), especially in the fields of psychology, spirituality and science (old and "new"). For the next 15 years, I taught various seminars, saw clients, enjoyed marriage and figured I had figured things out (spooky laughter offstage!).  

Despite years of apparent success, in 1994, I hit a hard, opaque wall. Sick and broke for about nine months, too tired to do all my practices, I found myself one day in a meltdown (before anyone used that word!). I had had powerful spiritual experiences before, but this was different. I was dissolving—­­both dying and birthing—­­into and out of an ocean of waves spanning all dimensions, ­­from my body, through thought, feeling and spirit realms, into the Oneness realm­­—and back. The extreme part of the experience lasted for 3 days. The download that started at that time has lasted nearly 30 years!


This wavy Field told me it was called "the Motherwave," and that the process I was experiencing was "the Meltdown." Shortly after this I jumped out of bed and started teaching the Motherwave Trainings. People just showed up in large numbers, and continued to show up for 15 years, and the transmission came in the form of a kind of practical mystery school with 7 levels (each level about 60 hours — back then, there was more time!) of which the culminating embodied enlightenment technique was The Meltdown™ (a term which I copyrighted in 1995), and  which I still teach, in its new evolution through iWave. Thousands of students have gone through all the trainings. 

(A couple of interesting sidebars about The Meltdown: 
1) It was several years before I saw the connection between this positive meltdown experience I was teaching, and the negative nuclear meltdown I had feared throughout my childhood. 
2) The word meltdown has since become popular lingo for a negative breakdown, which is pretty funny, since, of course, the Meltdown technique™ is a good thing!)

Meanwhile back in my personal so-called-life, my 40s continued with great success. I got a new husband. Everything was great, people were terrific, business was fine... ("more spooky laughter...") 

50s: In 2004, Motherwave Institute was unexpectedly dissolved, along with my marriage and so-called life. An almost unimaginable period of seeming to lose everything (and everyone) drove me into deep Meltdown mode, although by now, "Meltdown" had become a universal dirty word!  I found that I couldn't fix anything through any of my former material, metaphysical, psychological or even seemingly spiritual methods. 


A 15-Year Dark Night Of The Soul (re-experiencing being burnt at the stake :-) )

Intense challenges continued through the "00 years"—alongside unfathomable miracles and breakthroughs—and my spiritual Dark Night Of The Soul began dawning into a profound new life, an almost unrecognizable experience of the entity formerly known as Katie ;-). The work upgraded itself, becoming more subtle and surrendered, first as "Soulwave,"  for 3 years.


Then in 2010, the entire body of work reorganized again in a more mystical, Oneness-based form with the emergence of: iWAVE, or "The Infinite Wave."


How I Became a Mystic:

Life had forcibly graduated me into a MYSTICAL understanding of things—and amazingly, this worked better than anything I had done (or not done) in my life. You can read about this crucial distinction between material, mental, metaphysical and mystical in the New Wave Mystic Manifesto here.


I had become enchanted with deep mysticism because at the level of spiritual, material, emotional and egoic dissolution I was experiencing, no quick fix could work. I truly could not stand the new cacophony of parroted and shallow personal growth and spiritual teachings that appeared with the Internet. I found myself exploring every truly enlightened being and teaching I could find, from Eckhart Tolle to A Course in Miracles to—above all—Joel Goldsmith, whose work is called The Infinite Way, which is why my work is now called The Infinite Wave (see below). I studied in person with some of Joel's living successors, and many other mutant mystics you probably haven't heard of


However, I still found that in order to really work for my whole self, I needed to add an energetic and embodiment component (which I call "The Wave") to make these "I AM" philosophies  like Joel's The Infinite Way actually work for real humans like me, beyond simply being a spiritual bypass or dissociative withdrawal from my body, emotions and heart. (Been there, done that!). Thus was born the underlying philosophy of my work, "The Infinite Wave." It's a marriage of pure consciousness (the "I"), and life energy (the WAVE).

Enough Already!

In 2015  after having spent much of 20 years teaching seminars with an intense public schedule, as well as a decade of dealing with the difficult deaths of all my family members in England, followed by my best friend and spiritual soulmate, I felt guided to take a break from my rather public life. This was challenging guidance. I felt myself on a kind of forced spiritual hermitage. I had to realize, not for the first time, the mystical Truth that I am ultimately, and in practical fact, supported—even financially!!—by infinite supply, not by all the monetary and other sources we give our power to.  (More about the mystical secrets of Abundance, way beyond Law of Attraction etc., HERE.) 


2020 Reboot

At the beginning of 2020, and before we all went on spiritual lockdown retreat :-).  I was ready for and quickly welcomed a full practice of amazingly committed private clients.  I'm awed by the willing and courageous people, both individuals and couples, who have showed up. 


It is now February 2022 and wonderful, miraculous shifts have happened in my life and work.


In October 2020, during lockdown from both the pandemic AND wildfire smoke, I met my partner Gregory Andrews in an online mystical webinar based on Joel Goldsmith's work.  (By the way, in 15 single and often-lonely years, I had neither marketed myself online nor shopped for men, knowing intuitively that—for me—the right life partner was to arrive through mystical and miraculous means, not through my ego trying to make it happen. More about this in the upcoming Romantic Enlightenment webinar). 


One Consciousness 

Incredibly, the webinar in which Greg and I met was called One Consciousness, and we discovered that we were already united in one consciousness, as if we had always been together. We had been on parallel spiritual and mystical dark nights of the soul, or spiritual deep-dives, he in the East Bay and East Coast) especially for the last 15 or so years, since my life melted down, as described above, and he went blind(ish)!


We are now (August 2022) united in our life purpose, teaching and living together and inviting everyone who resonates with us into our New Wave Mystics collective.


Greg Andrews (BIO HERE) has been a mystical energy healer as well as a Course in Miracles and Infinite Way teacher for many years, and is now "coming out" again to give iWaveHealing sessions. Learn more.

Call us at  iWave Institute: 415-888-3586

(*M.S.U. stands for Making Stuff Up, which I've been doing professionally for several decades, during which I have trained dozens of Psychotherapists and other Health Professionals in my methodologies.)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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