In this more time-flexible initiatory series of consecutive weekly sessions* (with option of skipping 3 weeks, so series is completed in 13 weeks) we will explore your depths, teach you how to fill the empty spaces with the fluid fullness of The Infinite Wave and begin the process of melting your stuck places (where you have “lost your wave).” You will also begin learning The iWave Method, customized to your needs. (*If you'd like a better discount, check out the Fast Dive Series aboveor other, longer series).

iWaveTherapy 10/ FlexiDive Series: 10 sessions with Katie Darling

$2,950.00 Regular Price
$2,500.00Sale Price
  • See the iWaveTherapy description for more information. 

  • There are no refunds. This is a commitment with no back door (for your benefit). If you are sick or traveling we can still always do a phone session and I will always try to accommodate small changes if possible. In this series you have the option to cancel or skip (with minimum 48 hours notice) THREE of your standing weekly sessions so that the 10 sessions complete in maximum 13 weeks.