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Hi! I’m Katie Darling, inventor of The iWAVE Method™, (formerly motherwave and soulwave): an accelerated integral practice for self-healing and awakening that I have taught to thousands of groups and individuals for more than 20 years (and I’ve worked with people since I was 18: see my strange BIO). 


The practice of iWAVE puts you back in direct contact with your real home. Huh? What do these words really mean? One way of saying it is that our real home is a parallel reality, like an energy field, except that it is also an informational field, that vibrates with an unlimited supply of love, peace, power, abundance. It is right here and now, where and when you are reading this, enclosing your body, mind and emotions, and suffusing them, like the ocean that surrounds a living sponge, and also fills it with wet life force from within. 


If this sounds great, but kind of like more words and memes in a world of too many words and memes, I understand. This oceanic field of Love (which is, of course, the Artist Formerly Known as God, Goddess, Beingness, Spirit, etc.) is not much use to you unless you are floating within it. Lying as a dry, exhausted sponge on the beach believing in the ocean––or yelling at the ocean to rescue you––is not going to do you much good, is it?


The iWAVE Method™ is about HOW to reconnect with this dimension of reality, this oceanic field that is our true home, that we never actually left, but our sense of separation sure is a very realistic special effect!


Right now the events going on in our world can make us feel that we are not at home. The rock of human mind has turned over, and all kinds of strange creatures have crawled out, in others, and in ourselves. We would like to show up as loving planetary leaders, on the inner or outer planes, yet however we try to fake it,  we may be sad, angry, and scared. Or so numb that we don’t know how we feel. What is more confusing is that many of us have been on some kind of path of personal growth, spirituality, or recovery for a long time, but now it doesn’t seem to be working (even though we don’t like to admit it). This is all unfolding as it should:


Most of the methods, practices, and even respected spiritual traditions that we are involved with were designed for humans at an earlier stage of evolution––even a couple of decades earlier! This is a now like never before: something is trying to break through into human experience, and if you have read this far, you are probably one of the pioneers of this, an “early adopter.” It’s as though a new species is trying to emerge, right in the middle of this noisy world in which there is such a cacophony of thoughts and energies criss-crossing the globe––and our body-brains. Species make evolutionary shifts to deal with limitations, and, well... we’ve GOT LIMITATIONS! We are up against it like never before. The shift some of us are trying to make right now may be the biggest that humans have made since we were cavemen. It can hurt, but the potential is enormous, and when you know how to ride the contraction-waves of this new birth, you can enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 


Many people have speculated on the next upgrade or “species” that humans are evolving into. They mostly say that it is going to involve spiritual enlightenment, and I agree. Yet I also have seen, from working in the trenches with transforming humans for my whole adult life, that this enlightenment or awakening is not just for the so-called “spirit” — some kind of mental light that goes on as one sits in stillness (or tries to do so) and realizes the “self.” That has been the spiritual path, the “way out” of suffering for thousands of years (but, except in the case of a few mystic superheroes, mostly men who didn’t have to raise children, or a particular personality type, it hasn’t worked, has it?).


But we are in a new era! I’m sorry to be rude, but that very mental, masculine path is no longer viable (and btw I was a meditating monk for 12 years in my 20s). There are three other dimensions of our human selves that need to be included, not as “add-ons” but within the same path or practice.

  1. Our awakening has to include our BODIES.For this transformation we are making to be viable into the future––even our own personal future, it must encompass our minds, our bodies, our spiriWe may be seeking a field of the oceanic field of palpable, conscious energy and love that I call The Infinite Wave. It has many other names, from God/Goddess to the Zero Point Field, but whatever you call it, there is only One of It.  Think about that! This infinite wave, that expresses through infinite wave-patterns that we experience as ourselves and our universe, is our one and only source, providing life energy AND the intelligence that forms everything.


As you learn through the iWAVE practice to sync yourself deliberately to this infinite wave, which is both inside and outside you a deep healing gets kickstarted. And you are more directly guided into your highest possible future, starting right now. Better still, you feel the real meaning of individual freedom, for once you hook up to this conscious pulse of life, you are one with the One, and no lesser thing has any power over your life and destiny. You are free, you are home, and you are back on your path of ultimate safety AND ultimate adventure. And you can help other people more effectively.


You will feel parts of yourself loosening up that may have felt stuck for a long time–or forever–like recovering something you didn’t even know was lost. You will feel different in your cells, your bones, your gut, as well as in your thinking, because IWAVE doesn’t focus exclusively on your mind, or your feelings, or your body, or your life energy or even your soul, but on all of these simultaneously!


If this sounds like a lot, it is! This isn’t another gimmick for your spiritual shopping cart. It works! This has been proven with many people for many years, yet it takes commitment and a desire to melt down the stuck parts of yourself. You will learn to practice a Deliberate Meltdown,™ which is like melting a block of ice from a solid state to a liquid current, or going from being DRY to being WET–at all levels–releasing your birthright of pristine, flowing energy that can be felt as joy, self-love, creativity, and deep optimism. 


What am I going to “melt down” in iWAVE?


Parts of yourself that no longer serve, that have gotten stuck in a fixed or looping state. These parts may have been quite frozen since you were very young, or even since your birth. They show up as obstacles like traumas, old fears, stuck patterns of thought and relationship, limitations of supply, and even physical symptoms that limit your life of full expression, freedom, love and the feeling of belonging in the world.


Eventually you will find that, like the Wicked Witch of the West, your wounded or false self is M-E-L-T-I-N-G back into its original nature as a wave of consciousness. It feels so good. You are fully alive in a physical body, and no longer secretly believe you have to die to experience the reality of spirit. If this sounds like spiritual awakening, it IS spiritual awakening, that INCLUDES your body and emotions, instead of bypassing them.   Ah, the relief of no longer trying to pretend you are spiritual, or OK, and actually feeling carried by the waves of your natural spiritual essence. And...



Instead of “rising above” or “witnessing,” in iWAVE we go FROM WITNESS TO WETNESS. That is, instead of sitting very still and trying to “observe” your hurting parts, (or talk about them and process them over and over), you will learn to bring the infinite wave into these parts and feel them spontaneously melting, giving you back the energy they have been draining from you at invisible and subtle levels. 


It sounds intense!

Actually, it’s a lot of fun, and involves very inspiring and enjoyable practices. This is why so many people went through seven levels of training in iWAVE Institute, in many cases returning for years to review the practices–just because it was their favorite thing to do.

How can I get the benefits now?

Trainings are on hold, and I’m currently working with clients on a one-to-one basis, go here for private sessions info. I’m holding an occasional spontaneous group (sign up for newsletter to get the scoop), while working on future ways of teaching through webinars. I’m available for talks and keynote presentations (see BIO). 

What if all your problems are not about YOU?

Are you tired of struggling with love, wealth, health, life purpose––or even spiritual awakening? 

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