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don’t worry, be wavy! 



"I love Katie Darling. She is very courageous, and follows her intuition to help people face their fears safely, and find their own courage. Her work comes from a deeply caring place."

Shakti Gawain (RIP)

10million+ Best-selling author of Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, etc.

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Welcome, Friends!

We are Katie Darling and Gregory Andrews, and this is the work of iWAVE Institute. We offer a dynamically peaceful solution for your anxious life, through guidance, coaching, healing & training, both 1-on-1 and in groups (currently by webinar):

iWAVEwork is a non-dual, beyondual integrated practice that really works, to shift all parts of you into a new experience of Love, Joy, Abundance and Aliveness.


There is an alternative to our current apparently 3D and rather scary-feeling reality. This "alternative" is actually Reality, and you don't need to die or take plant medicines to get there! One way to describe this experience  is as a different dimension—the Oneness dimension! in which different principles and laws run your life. This new dimension—sometimes called a higher frequency, or names like "New Earth, "4th density,"  "5D" or the "Kingdom of Heaven"—is here right now, fully available for us to inhabit consciously as embodied spirit expressing through matter. Accessing this new frequency or "new wave" within ourselves takes some effort, and some letting go, yet it is enjoyable. 


Welcome to iWAVEwork,  the science and art of WAVES applied to all levels of your multidimensional being.

What do you need?

(And we understand -- if you knew that you would have it by now!) 









Piece of cake! :-)


First, we have a question for you:

Our work takes you FROM:


—tense, aka

  • contracted,

  • stuck in limbo,

  • carrying the past,

  • frozen in old trances

  • of fear,

  • grief or

  • resentment...




—the joyful experience of


  • as presence riding the wave

  • of ever-new energy flow

  • in your body,

  • mind,

  • emotions

  • and spirit.

When you learn to shift from DRY to WET, your Soul or Higher Self can incarnate further into your energetic body, which is one of the main purposes of human life.


The wet, wavy, embodied soul is continually self-renewing, directly inspired in the moment, feeling the palpable guidance of its Higher Self or Source. 


"I think I used to feel that way, but I seem to have lost it... am I too old? Do I need another dose of (whatever)?"


Sometimes we grow at one stage of our lives through wonderful methods of healing and therapy, yet they stop working after a while. We may feel as though we have failed, or not want to admit that the practices or teachings aren't really doing it for us any more. Maybe we have even become a teacher of that method! Yet we know we are losing progress and momentum. Can you relate?



This moment in time (written in early 2023) is not just "Chaos As Usual."  We're experiencing a uniquely challenging time in world history and in our personal lives. Things are moving very quickly, and reality as we knew it—even our former "hopeful" story about things—is dissolving. Yet something new and wonderful IS emerging, even though this new birth may feel like a death at times. Since you're not dead yet, it may be time to wake up to the "wavy" version of yourself and reality that includes all parts of yourself in the flow, even your body and emotions! To navigate the radical changes we are surfing, and make the shift into the new level of consciousness that is birthing, we offer instruction and guidance in a more dynamic method and worldview.


Perhaps the methods we were using to stay balanced and break through into our new selves have become "DRY"—meaning that they are based on a "static" worldview of  "things." This includes the attainment of "states!" and "stillness"—which don't exist, for long, in our fluid, wavy universe. We may have even come to think of our own self as a broken, aging or unworthy "thing" that needs fixing—yet this is exactly why we have so many problems!  Waking back up to our real nature as wave-like feels like melting from matter to spirit, without having to leave your body (until it's really your time).


So many of our problems come from an unconscious attempt to bail on our physical incarnation via avoidance, acquisitions, addictions, distractions, symptoms and doctor visits. Instead of our endless attempt to fix our self and find security, we can learn to let go and flow in the infinite wave of life that protects, guides and nurtures us completely.  This shift is a real experience. Most people experience a powerful shift in the very first session or training, and the work then becomes an incremental journey of greater and greater relief, as the new energy soaks into the various "dry" parts of your being, like ink soaking into parchment, releasing and healing old traumas, limitations and the various trances of the pain-body.


Just as you can navigate the globe more safely and successfully when you know it's not flat... well, you get the point! Reality is wavy: you need wavy practices! 


Welcome to iWAVE, a family of WET and WAVY methods and practices for your body, your breathing, your thinking, your emotional well-being and your spiritual awakening.



iWAVE is based on what physics calls dynamic(al) intelligence—the scientifically and spiritually true realization that everything is waves. Everyone is always talking about quantum this or that, and yes, we are talking about the fact that all particles are really waves. But on a more local scale, at the size and dimension we consciously inhabit, you also need to know about the more recent scientific revolution called chaos theory! The old model of understanding reality by reducing it to component parts and trying to control these "things" is defunct (although we're still trying to make it work).  Life as expressed at all levels, from matter to consciousness, is all about the dynamic flow of complex systems which seem to dissolve into chaos, as they evolve into greater and greater harmony, as though a higher intelligence is pulling them from the future! Because It Is!

This is why your life—and maybe currently the world's life—sometimes seems to be falling apart. We can become fearful, depressed, disappointed, angry, hopeless and resentful when this happens, or we can become dynamically intelligent and surf through these dark nights of our personal and collective soul, to become radicals of love and light representing the New Earth.  Are you in? This new age or era is definitely happening. Some of us may have expected it earlier and feel a bit disappointed that the arc of time for this transition is longer than we had realized, but probably if you're reading this, you came here to help. We would like to help you help by introducing you to your own wavy soul, which is coded with your real life purpose. 



The whole appearance of the universe of form, from outer matter to inner thoughtforms, is actually just a set of impressions created in consciousness by waves criss-crossing in rhythms and pulses that seem to be solid and feel very real. Many of these thoughtforms, such as solid and serious impressions of doom, are held by the collective consciousness of millions of humans, and they are hard to wake up from. Yet it's all moving in waves, and these waves are accelerating. A big tsunami is moving through our world to bring in the consciousness of what some call the New Earth. Now more than ever we need practices that really work, based on this dynamic, wavy intelligence.  In iWAVE you will learn to surf the waves of life and have more fun per hour. 



We think: "If I could only sit very still for a very long time, or very regularly, and if I could observe, witness and detach... but my back hurts and my mind goes crazy and I get so antsy... I'm a spiritual failure..." 


NO YOU'RE NOT a failure, and you don't need to do that kind of practice (which is so last-Millennium!), unless it really calls to you and feeds all parts of you. iWAVE has been developed over nearly 50 years by Katie Darling, a lifelong spiritual practitioner who has been there, done that, got the T-shirt—including a decade+ as a meditating monk.  I (Katie) have confirmed through my own experience and working with thousands of people through my iWAVE Institute (formerly called motherwave and soulwave) that just trying to freeze, detach, sit very still and witness everything doesn't really work for most people in the long term (except for one particular personality type).


In iWAVE we teach how to move from witness to WETNESS, which is a state of flow that encloses, embraces and suffuses everything in your reality with love and energy, without avoidance or rigidity. You will attain wonderful moments of  "stillness," meaning that your mind and body will merge into that dynamic, spacious presence beyond looping thoughts and emotional weather, yet the way you will reach that so-called stillness is by waking up your infinite waviness and releasing all the dry stagnation from your being. 


To recap, iWAVE is based on the direct experience that there are no things, not even the self as we have conceived and cultivated it. Reality, including our so-called self,  is composed of WAVES at all levels, from body to mind, emotions and spirit,

Have you been stuck for years in mental processes, in trying to fix a frozen or traumatized nervous system and brain chemistry, top-down from the mind, in an attempt to get your body, mind and emotions to be "still," or in some way "behave." 

How's that working for you? Could there be a more fluid, integrated and pleasurable way to heal and grow? 

In 40 years of teaching, as well as her own 12 years as a meditating monk, Katie has noticed that for all but a minority of Western humans, trying to control your mind with your mind either doesn't work, or soon stops working as the limbic brain and brain stem "fight back." This produces anxiety, and even feelings of shame because... well... 

you did the prescribed practices, maybe you talked for years about your issues, yet you've still ended up with monkey-mind, anxiety, depression, addictive tendencies and so on. 

iWAVEwork (which comprises iWaveTherapy with Katie, Infinite Wavehealing with Greg, webinars on The iWave Method, Life Purpose,  Romantic Enlightenment and much more) involves your whole self: body, breath, emotions, mind and spirit. We help you GET YOUR WAVE BACK.  What does that mean? You are not a thing (did you get that yet?). You are a self-organized system of waves. You emerged from the fluid Field of Love, an ocean of Love, actually, which we call the motherwave, or The Infinite Wave.



We impart a form of embodied mysticism based on two spiritual fields that usually live in different zipcodes: we offer the dynamic experience of what happens when you combine:

  1. the non-dual, mystical I Am consciousness of Oneness, (= the "I")

  2. AND a full connection with the waves of life energy that animate us (= the WAVE)


I + Waves = iWAVE 

Learn to"surf" The Infinite Wave, the iWAVE. We welcome you into our collective of Love mystics.   


The iWave


An "Inner App" for continual conscious 

embodied presence

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Private Sessions 

with Founder Katie Darling 

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"Don't Worry, Be WAVY!"


The Infinite Wave


A New Mysticism


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Greg Andrews 

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