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The iWave


An "Inner App" for continual conscious 

embodied presence

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"Don't Worry, Be WAVY!"


The Infinite Wave


A New Mysticism


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Greg Andrews

a transmission 
from the
quantum field



"I love Katie Darling. She is very courageous, and follows her intuition to help people face their fears safely, and find their own courage. Her work comes from a deeply caring place."

Shakti Gawain (RIP❤️❤️)

10million+ Best-selling author of Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, etc.

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Welcome, Friends!


We are Katie Darling and Gregory Andrews, and this is the work of iWAVE Institute and New Wave Mystics. If you need powerful personal help right now you can check out the availability of a series of iWaveTherapy sessions with Katie.


We offer a dynamically peaceful solution for your anxious life, through guidance, coaching, healing & training, both 1-on-1 and in groups (currently by webinar):

Our work is an offering of our joint 80+ years experience on the path of spiritual awakening and embodied evolution. Katie has guided 1000s of students and clients in radical transformation since 1971 when she became a monk and traveled the world helping initiate people in meditation.


WHAT IS iWAVE? (see also video above).


In one integrated practice iWAVEwork combines ways (that actually work!) to free up stuck breath, body, emotions, thoughts and your relationship to Self, Source or Spirit. Some of the practices are:

  • wave-breathing—the only original, organic breathwork,

  • body-waving—experiencing and renewing the body as a wave of bliss

  • emotional melting—how to feel and rapidly transform your feelings, without dumping them or drowning in them

  • belief-waving—deep belief surgery to uncover your real, addictive, core beliefs and evolve them into supernatural optimism,

  • "I Striptease"— all happening within the "I" of iWAVE—an awakening of your identity as the "I" of pure awareness. 


iWAVE ​​is the ultimate Inner App, a integrated practice (that really works—as we mentioned before), to shift all parts of you into a new experience of Love, Joy, Abundance and Aliveness.


Our approach is mystical and non-dual, but we prefer to say we are practicing Oneness in all our affairs, in an amazing miraculous way that has turned both our lives around, and enabled us to help others achieve radical transformation, even when nothing seems to have worked before. We combine the consciousness skills to access the Self, or "I",  a viewpoint of Oneness that can heal and resolve everything, with the skills to flow with Life's infinite energy waves. By accessing and becoming both "I" AND "The WAVE,"  you can truly and positively co-create with Life an individual life experience of purposeful joy.


There are ever-more teachings and apps out there parroting the belief that sitting still for hours, "meditating," or non-duality, witnessing, mindfulness, etc. are the ultimate path. We consider this to be only part of what really works, and have experienced and noticed that when you emphasize this "top-down" approach, as though life were a play that you are watching from above, what is really going on in your depths, that you probably came into your body to experience and transform, will start to rumble and roar and become dysfunctional.


These "witnessing" teachings may lip-service to doing something about the body, emotions, shadow, energy, physical experience etc., but these are considered "add-ons," like having a couple of "minority" folk on the Supreme Court. Yet if witnessing and watching yourself, or even trying to "Law Of Attraction" yourself into positive thinking are all you do, you will (as I, Katie did) eventually experience a backlash from your body and emotional self, via symptoms, addictions, anxious emotions, or even your outer "reality" seeming to fall apart. The more you witness it, the worse it can get! Then you try to "accept" it, not realizing you unconsciously created it—sort of :-)  


This witnessing meme is sometimes called a "spiritual bypass," and we call it "the DRY path." (See Katie's vintage talk From Witness to Wetness, or just contemplate the title!). And yes, we know a bunch of esteemed authors, teachings and teachers, good old boys and some girls, say that you must just "accept" what is happening, even when things fall apart. But what if it's not really happening out there (in your body or world)? What if it is an exact reflection of a split inside you, created by thousands of years of dominant spiritual world thought, both Eastern and Western?


Most spiritual or growth work is Top-Down:


Change your body or reality with your thoughts. Or escape the pain of life by withdrawing and just witnessing it. 


But what about Bottom-Up?


Change your thoughts and fearful worries and numb body by directly experiencing the ENERGY WAVE of LOVE, a deep felt-flow of a loving Source in or through your body, no matter what shape you think you are in?


Amazingly, this wave carries you right into that very place you were trying to access by sitting still, watching your thoughts, etc. (Of course, this is all about both/and. If you only do somatic practices without real spiritual awakening as who you really are, they can just dig you deeper).

Top-Down + Bottom-Up = iWAVE. 


Fortunately, we are now moving into a new era, birthing what some call a New Earth, (see video below) and can learn to surf a NEW WAVE of joyful, loving potential that integrates:

  • the masculine DRY path of stillness aka pure "I Am" awareness, aka Self, or The One,


  • the feminine, WET, dynamic energy of the Wave, the infinite diversity of the creative feminine aspect of everything, expressed in flowing waves of feeling, expression, creativity and love. When these waves get frozen, dry or blocked we get... what we are probably getting right now. 

  • WE NEED BOTH, but they have been divorced into separate sections of the growth path. iWAVE integrates all this into one fluid path. A mystical marriage within yourself. 


ABOUT US (more in BIOS)


Katie had an unexpected spiritual awakening aged 18, and became a meditating monk for 12 years (she's now in her 70s!). If you think that much meditation would create permanent enlightenment, know that she became so DRY (take the DRY/WET asessment below) that by age 30 everything in her body and mind fell apart with illness, emotional agony, life disasters and more. (See BIO).


Instead of just "witnessing" all this, as she had been taught for the previous decade, she made a then-quite-radical choice: descend into her pain. It wasn't easy but led to her discovering and inventing (or "downloading") many innovative, extraordinary, and still little-known ways of transmuting mental, emotional—and even physical and financial pain!— into abundant waves of aliveness and bliss.


This has since led to more than 40 years as a successful (but not famous) teacher and guide to thousands of clients and students in her work through iWAVE Institute (formerly Motherwave and Soulwave now included in iWAVE). 

Greg was an air force Captain, MBA entrepreneur and 25-year healing practitioner until 2007 when life upped the ante and he went blind.


He was already a spiritual-ish guy, but now became a mystic. (What is the difference?) To navigate through the shock and depression of this real life-changer, he dove full-time into mystical teachings such as A Course In Miracles and The Infinite Way (more here), and became a teacher of both, to groups and individuals. Although he achieved deep peace and a very functional life, he sensed something was missing. On meeting Katie in a mystical webinar in 2020, and hearing one line about integrating the mystical with "The Wave," he instantly recognized that iWAVE was the missing connective piece to reboot his life. (And they got married woo hoo!).


(See Romantic Enlightenment page for more of this mystically-manifested love story and how to transform your love life). 




Many people are turning to "medicines" these days—both plant medicines and pharmaceutical—to achieve a breakthrough from a stuck or anxious place into peace and power. And this can definitely work—for a while. Yet these are "EXOgenous medicines" (meaning that they come from outside), whereas iWAVE is ENDOgenous medicine, meaning that it comes from within. You learn to awaken your brain's pharmacy that knows how to organically create the chemicals to transform you in a stable, incremental way so that you can integrate as you go along. A student recently told Katie that she has done nearly 100 plant medicine journeys in recent years, yet they didn't come close to permanently changing her life the way that iWAVE has.


There are many graduates of iWAVE trainings and individual sessions out there (see for example a few testimonials) who will tell you that iWAVE offers an incredibly powerful alternative to our 3D and rather scary-feeling reality. This "alternative" is actually Reality, and you don't need to die or take plant medicines to get there! One way to describe the iWAVE experience is that it's a portal to a different dimension—the Oneness dimension—in which different principles and laws run your life. This Wavy Oneness—sometimes called a higher vibrational frequency, or names like "New Earth, "4th density,"  "5D," or the "Kingdom of Heaven"—is right here, right now. We call it The New Wave, for many reasons that you can explore on this website, or in the video below: The New Earth is a WAVE.  


New WAVE, (not New AGE)!

Contrary to popular opinion, this new field of consciousness is fully available for us to inhabit while we are here on earth. We don't need to be dead, "out-of-body," New Age, ethereal or weird to live in the New WAVE version of the earth experience. We can enjoy the ride of being on earth by waking up consciously. We can experience ourselves as waves of embodied spirit appearing as matter. Accessing this new frequency or "new wave" within ourselves takes some effort, and some letting go, yet it is enjoyable. And of course, another word for New Wave is LOVE. Reality is always and absolutely and only Love. This is what we teach and transmit. 


Welcome to iWAVEwork,  the science and art of WAVES applied to all levels of your multidimensional being.

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