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"My 40+ years on the "Path," and working with 1000s of humans in radical transformation, have made it very clear to me how people get stuck, and how they can be freed and empowered by finding their own inner, infinite WAVE."  

                                                   -- Katie Darling



or have you lost your wave?

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nite Wave

"This is the time! All the scary and chaotic outer events are not the cause of what you are feeling, but symptoms of a NEW WAVE of energy and consciousness moving like a tsunami through our collective earth experience. Feeling anxious? Or are you staying busy and distracted to avoid even feeling anything? Is part of you secretly planning your exit? What are those strange symptoms, like fear, anxiety, disappointment and depression, all about, anyway? Do we all have galactic flu? 


The opportunity for a quantum breakthrough into what could almost be called a new mystic species is upon us. Yet for many, even those embracing growthful lifestyles, the pathway into a loving future here seems to have disappeared.  Why did all our efforts not work? 

The astonishing possibility is that you are being prepared for a new initiation, a consciousness breakthrough way beyond the ones you may have already known. and that is an astonishing truth. But... HOW?

Don’t worry,

be Wavy! 



What if all your problems are not about YOU?

Are you tired of struggling with love, wealth, health, life purpose––or even spiritual awakening?


Feel like you're doing it wrong?