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"My 40+ years on my own "Path," and of working with 1000s of humans in radical transformation, have made it very clear to me HOW people get stuck, and HOW they can be quickly freed and empowered by learning to surf their own inner Infinite Wave."  

                                                                -- Katie Darling MSU



(or have you lost your wave?):

here is how to get your wave back.


(personal or collective?)

here is how to have a GOOD meltdown and emerge into a new reality of love, joy and effectiveness.


Shakti Gawain (RIP)

Best-selling author of Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, etc.

"I love Katie Darling. 
She is very courageous, and follows her intuition to help people face their fears safely, and find their own courage. Her work comes from a deeply caring place."


Hi, and welcome to my website.

Everything here is offered to bring you relief, freedom and even bliss, right in the middle of these very intense times. I call this "getting your wave back," and it's a real experience, not a metaphor:  

You are made of waves at all levels:

your body, your breath, your emotions, your mind or thoughts, and soul or spirit...

all are waves within an infinite quantum wave-field—or ocean—of waves!

And they are waves of LOVE...

.                                                                                                                               ...but they are not flowing freely!


Many parts of you have become more like frozen particles of fear than flowing waves of love—and it's not your fault!  (It's better to blame the energy of the times than continue to blame yourself). Even what used to work to break you through into peace and power may no longer be working, and this can create anxiety and depression, or show up as problems with money, relationships, life purpose and health.  


You may need a new "inner App" to shift your life into a radical renewal, and I invite you to explore the many portals of  iWave, Thousands of students and clients over several decades have had life-changing breakthroughs through the seminars of iWave Institute (formerly motherwave and soulwave).


In recent years, the work has become more accelerated and profound, mostly offered  through private iWaveTherapy sessions with me. 

Here are three ways you can explore iWave:

iWaveTherapy Sessions

with Founder, Katie Darling MSU

"Much faster than therapy,

much slower than your mind!"

The iWave Method

The Power of HOW to enjoy
Embodied Presence,
all day

The iWAVE Method© is a way of being present all-day, by learning to recognize the subtle-yet-powerful wave of conscious presence that is always with you, even when you don't notice it. (I have taught an earlier version of this method in seminars through iWave Institute since 1995, and currently convey it as needed as between-session homework practice in private 1-on-1  iWaveTherapy sessions.—Webinars coming, be in the loop).

iWave is not a gimmick or a marketing strategy: it's a real practical series of 5 doorways (one for each part of the so-called "self") into an alternate universe made of waves of flowing love and synchronicity. The iWave Method has been beta-tested through a lifetime of working with people and my own full-time spiritual path, including more than a decade as a meditating monk in my 20s (see my strange BIO here) and a wonderfully challenging life including many AFGO's (AFGO = "Another Frickin' Growth Opportunity"). Finding the practical portals that really work to move from pain and fear into peace and power has been essential. And I'm still journeying, deeper and deeper into the mystery. Here is what I have discovered so far:


  • We are multidimensional: there is MUCH more to a human being than is known to most humans.

  • Through more than 40 years of working with countless students and clients (as well as my own skin-in-the-game and my apprenticeship with certain mutant mystics that you have probably never heard of), I have found certain tweaks, or hacks that really work to clear our past pain and awaken powerful potential.

  • There are secret portals within the human architecture,  that you can learn to walk through back to your SOUL, to your real HOME. Who knew? Most of these doorways are very little-known, and putting them all together creates a uniquely integrated experience of coming home to who you really are. 

  • The iWAVE Method@ initiates you into 5 portals — dynamic doorways of release through your body, breath, emotions, mind and spirit or soul. Soon like fingers on a hand, these practices become one integrated skill, and you find yourself returning to embodied presence again and again throughout the day, either at times of stress, or when you just want to commune with your Self. 

  • These portals are natural, organic ways of returning home, not a gimmick or addition to distract us; this is truly a body-centered mystical path. Once your awareness comes home, everything is handled. Your worries will gradually release.

  • In case you missed that last point: your worries will gradually—or quickly!—release. Returning to the awareness of the iWave or Infinite Wave affects all aspects of your life, including those "Four Biggies: Love, Wealth, Health and Life Purpose." without you having to be a control freak trying to "manifest" stuff, or feeling guilty because you "should" be surrendering. (More on this here)

  • It turns out that you don't need to die to go home to the experience of living peacefully within an ocean of unimaginably great Love that guides you, protects you, supplies your needs, and would love to use you as one of Its secret agents. Are you a Planetary Leader? Have you heard the call, but don't know where it's coming from?

  • If it sounds like I'm talking about The Artist Formerly Known as God, etc., well, OK!  Some call it The One, or Beingness. You will know it when you feel it and find yourself merging back into it. Since the doorways that take you there are wavy, and what is discovered there is wavy, I also call It The Infinite Wave© (see below).

  • ("But wait, what about "Stillness?" I've been trying to achieve stillness and now you're telling me it's all moving?" Yes. And by the way, how has that been working for you? You can learn to surf the infinite wave of life, and then your mind will experience something you might call stillness, only more alive. More on this here.)

Wherever or however your mind, body and emotions and spiritual path may feel stuck, your waves of conscious life force are more powerful than your stuckness if you know how to access them and surf through all the "weather" of your life. iWave includes practices that melt all parts of you from particle to wave: Again, we will be working on your body, breath, mind, EMOTIONS and higher consciousness. I call it a technology, but the methods you will learn are more like subtle abilities or skills that you activate within yourself. It is easy, and with a bit of commitment, it works, no matter who you are. And it is life-changing (see Testimonials).

The Infinite Wave

A Mystical Moving Map of Everything

The Infinite Wave© is the theory behind iWave's fluid practices, giving you a new,  integrated, non-dual yet dynamic GPS reading on consciousness, matter, and everything in between.


You may find new clarity on the stuff that has been confusing you forever like:

  • "Should I surrender OR should I go for power and mastery?" 

  • "Why has Law of Attraction, (or witnessing my thoughts, or yoga, or...  fill in your version of what used to work) stopped working?" (if they ever did work).

  • "Where are the freedom, enlightenment, abundance, joy, love and creativity I was promised?"

  • "Why hasn't meditation worked for me when it has for everyone else?" (hint: No, it hasn't!)

  • "Were all these practices wrong?"


No, not wrong, but perhaps a bit DRY, and we may have reached the end of thousands of years of The Dry Era in which everything —even awakening and ascension practices—was based on an unconscious model of reality that placed mind & consciousness OVER body, energy and emotions (and males over females, of course). Now it's time for an equal dance!


This is why it all feels so Apocalyptic right now: Things are breaking up, breaking down, as in spring, when new life breaks through the dry earth. A new Wet, Wavy Era is dawning, yet it is quite invisible if you are stuck in what I'm calling "dry consciousness" -- which means you are still perceiving reality as "things" rather than experiencing the scientific and spiritual Truth that it's all (including yourself)  waves. All the way down. is .


Things are shifting radically, the world is having a meltdown, and it's not all pretty. If you haven't learned how to "melt yourself down deliberately," from particle consciousness to wave consciousness, you may feel as though YOU are melting down, and not in a good way. You may feel as though YOU are breaking which can create anxiety, depression, illness, scarcity... what is your meltdown symptom?  To thrive and evolve through these birthing times,  you may need a more dynamic, wavy map of reality (The Infinite Wave) along with more efficient, "wet" practices (iWAVE) for your body, breath, mind, emotions and spirit.  The idea is to awaken all parts of you together (and not just your mind, or just your body, etc.).  

Check out The Infinite Wave — a moving map that gets you where you're going




  • Read the BLOG and ARTICLES to jog your deep memory of your wavy nature. 

Do we all have Psychic Flu?

Back to the Dry Apocalypse we're moving through...  All the scary and chaotic outer events are not really the cause of what you are feeling, but symptoms of a NEW WAVE of energy and consciousness that is moving like a tsunami through our collective earth experience, including your own inner self.