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Shakti Gawain (RIP)

Best-selling author of Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, etc.

"I love Katie Darling. 
She is very courageous, and follows her intuition to help people face their fears safely, and find their own courage. Her work comes from a deeply caring place."


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The iWAVE Method© is a way of being present all-day, by learning to recognize the subtle-yet-powerful wave of conscious presence that is always with you, even when you don't notice it. This wave is you, or from your point of view, this wave is "I" — which is why the work is called iWave:   I = Wave (!) Get it? 


The fact that "you" are a wave is spiritually and scientifically true, yet it doesn't do you much good if you don't realize it, and are stuck in the I = Thing, or the I = Separate, Lonely Ego version of reality. 


Although the method is eventually so simple that it becomes like an automatic inner gesture, it is also subtle and deep. You become a different kind of being when you are practicing it, and you realize that it is who you really are. The initiation into this ongoing state depends on a radical shift in understanding and perceiving your so-called "self," in all its layers of expression (breath, body, emotions, mind and sense of identity). I've taught an earlier version of this method in seminars through iWave Institute since 1995, and currently transmit it as needed in private 1-on-1  iWaveTherapy sessions.— Learn more here.

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A Mystical Moving Map of Everything

The Infinite Wave© is the theory behind iWave's fluid practices, giving you a new,  integrated, non-dual yet dynamic GPS reading on consciousness, matter, and everything in between.


Get new clarity on stuff that may have been confusing you forever like:

  • "Should I surrender OR should I go for power and mastery?" 

  • "Why has Law of Attraction, (or witnessing my thoughts, or yoga, or...  fill in your version of what used to work) stopped working?" (if they ever did work).

  • "Where are the freedom, enlightenment, abundance, joy, love and creativity I was promised?"

  • "Why hasn't meditation worked for me when it has for everyone else?" (hint: No, it hasn't!)

  • "Were all these practices wrong?"

  • "What's up with this apparent Apocalypse, and how can I experience the "good news" version of the massive change we're all navigating... READ MORE

Check out The Infinite Wave — a moving map that gets you where you're going